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Become a distributor for Dunk Wireless. Whether you are a master agent or a dealer, Dunk Wireless has created a distributor program that allows our partners the highest industry commissions on a monthly basis. Dunk Wireless has removed the need to chase spiffs and then fear where your next commission will come from. We offer high monthly activation, replenishment, credit card and auto pay commissions to our distributors for the life of the customer!  

Dunk Wireless is the fastest growing Multi-Carrier MVNO in today‚Äôs Wireless Industry. Dunk Wireless provides our distribution partners with access to a full turnkey web-based portal. It allows distributors the ability to sell all major US carriers with individual plans, family share plans, corporate plans, international long distance pinless service and the Dunk Wireless Mobile Wallet. Dunk Wireless believes in rewarding our distribution partners for their hard work and effort to build the Dunk Wireless MVNO Brand. Our Dunk Wireless distributors will be compensated for all customer payments regardless of how they pay their bill.  

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